P1 in testing

What’s a monster facial disfigurement to you, may be a lovely freckle to someone else.

Your priorities, opinions and feelings are not necessarily shared by others. If the world was like this, it would be a fairly peaceful but terribly boring place to live.

Human beings are so beautifully diverse that it makes life so infinitely fascinating to experience.

This diversity can also cause much discord, disagreements and arguments, especially when we don’t take the time to understand other people’s worldview.

“First understand, and then be understood.” I live by Covey’s mantra.
Or, in #ProjectManagement parlance – the art of Managing Expectations.

This small tip helps me sail through projects successfully, and I cover this, along with Active Listening and Questioning Skills in my Consulting Masterclasses (starting 4th May) – free to #OpenToWork peeps. DM me.

In the meantime, whether something is a mountain or an actual molehill can be settled with the definition of Priorities in the Defect Management section, agreed by all parties and signed off in the Test Strategy document before testing begins.

Branding and fonts for a CRM implementation is not usually a P1 defect 😬 even if Marketing may feel strongly about it.

There, I’ve said it now. 😁


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