I got stabbed yesterday

I got stabbed yesterday.
By a super efficient nurse called Isla.
With a vaccine to fight evil people-killing/maiming virus called Corona.

Technology is so mind-boggling. It’s hard to imagine that a year ago – the world was crippled by this deadly disease with no idea how to cope.

And now, we have choices of vaccines in our arsenal.
I know the whole situation has been highly controversial – vaccination, masking, social-distancing rules, lockdown.

All sides of the debate have been shouting their point of view very loudly, sometimes disrespectfully and it’s no way to have a rational conversation about it.

During my listening shifts, I hear a lot of things – many times, they are opposing to my personal point of view. But I hold the Samaritan values of non-judgemental listening, and I keep an open mind.

I get a glimpse of other people’s worldview, and it helps me to understand people a bit more.

Personally, I am so glad to be vaccinated.
I am glad that I live in a country that looks after the health and safety of me and my family.

Thank you #NHSHeroes for all that you do, for looking after us tirelessly when the service has been so stretched.

But Joan needs her head examined.
Because currencies should always be right-aligned in reports. 🙄


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