Pancakes and waffles.

Pancakes and waffles. 🥞 vs 🧇
That’s what a client side PM and a partner side PM is like.

The basic stuff that makes up our job is the same, although there are nuances and variation in the recipe and eventual topping.

Project Managers who work in the Consulting Partner side of a project delivery has different responsibilities.

We’re in charge of our team of consultants, to make sure that requirements that are gathered properly, and everything within scope is built and tested properly before we hand it over to the client.
And then we move on to our next project, and our next client.

The client side PM has to make sure that the change is embedded (after the partner has left), so that the organisation reaps the benefits.

Eggs, flour and milk.
We are both necessary to make sure the project runs successfully.
We both taste great, but I prefer to be the crispier breakfast option.
With peanut butter and nutella. 🍫

Partner side PMs are the breakfast waffles, and Client side PMs are the pancake breakfast option.
There – that’s my stand on this yummy debate.

This is day 5 of my #30daysofvideo challenge.
Transcripts and form for question submission in the comments below.

Question: Are you a pancake or waffle person?


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