Mercenaries vs trained soldiers

OK. His budget for in-house team of contractors only shows the numbers for 4 months, or the expected duration of the project.

What happens after that?

He thought that they could hire a Salesforce Admin who could code to support the CRM on an ongoing basis.

Wait – let me get this straight.

You’re planning to hire a group of temporary contractors to implement your #Salesforce project, and then one permanent staff to support a business critical application?

You think that’s cheaper than getting a partner to help you out?

So many alarm bells was going off in my head.

It’s like hiring a band of rag tag soldiers or random mercenaries to execute a high precision strike against Jabba the hut.
They will need to be inducted and trained properly, to follow structure and proper way of working, otherwise they’d just end up shooting each other.

I’ve seen how this can go spectacularly wrong.

If you go down this road, you’re going to be paying far more than you think, my friend.

It’s a great example of being #pennywise pound foolish.
There are better ways to spend that money.

By the way, I accept bitcoin 😁


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