Taking over someone else’s project

Have you ever been handed a baby with a HUGE bulging nappy?
The one where you’re afraid of peeking inside just in case you get a brown explosion of ick? 💩

That’s what it (sometimes) feels like to take over a project from someone else.

You get the same feeling when trying to debug someone else’s code.
Or trying to understand an excel spreadsheet and how things are calculated.
Or trying to fix a contract that has used an inappropriate template.

It can be such a pig, to be honest.

The downside in being good at your job is that you get picked to do a ‘recovery’ job.
You’re assigned to projects that’s on a downward trajectory, and you’ve got to try and yank the yoke to avoid the spectacular crash.

I’ve had a few of those.
It’s not fun.
I’d rather let a whiskery cat snog my eyeball. 😽👁

Once in awhile though, I am pleasantly surprised.

Not so long ago, I took over a project from Matt O’Keeffe ☁, and it was in great condition!
He ran a tight ship, and he treated his team well.
This meant that I didn’t have to do much except some light steering and the project stayed its course nicely.

Matt’s contract is about to come to an end, so if you are in need of a top notch client-side PM in Salesforce, get in touch with him.

He’s a top bloke.


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