Plan the work, and work the plan

Plan the work, and work the plan.

That’s what we do, as Project Managers.
Yes, I’ve made risky decisions in the past, which seemed like a good idea at that time which turned out really wrong.

That was when I was quite green.
I know better now.

When things get stressful, there is a tendency to throw caution to the wind.
It’ll be fine.
Worst case never really happens anyway.
Risk may be high, but probability is low.
Impact is probably negligible.

A good PM manages risks well, and only really works if there is trust and #communication within the team.

There is a scene where Captain America and Black Widow is on a ship, but they have been given different missions (which Cap is not aware of). He eventually finds out but lives could have been lost.

That’s what can happen if there is no trust and communication.

And no amount of donuts can salvage the situation.
Even I have to draw the line some where. 😑


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