#SystemsThinking is critical to Consulting Project Delivery

#SystemsThinking is as critical to Consulting Project Delivery as chocolate is to Easter.

What do you do when someone comes to you with a problem?
How you handle it emotionally tells me about your EQ.
How you handle it intellectually tells me if you have Critical Thinking and Systems Thinking as your tools of how you process things around you.

This is tied into Socratic questioning techniques, some of which I cover in my Masterclasses.

Ask questions.
Ask the right questions.

Events: Why is this event occurring? Why is it occuring now?
Patterns & Trends: Is it part of a trend or pattern that you can observe over time?
Systemic Structures: What mental or organisations structures create this pattern?
Mental Models: What are the stated/unstated visions that generate this structure?

This can be applied to anything:
Why does the monthly reporting function take so long to generate?
Why is customer service attrition rate so high?
Why do our website visitors drop out on step 4 of the registration process?
Why is the quality of my baking so inconsistent? 🤔

System thinking generates great questions.
Which leads to really good problem solving approach.
Which makes you the kind of person I want on my project team! 🥰


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