Keeping busy can be a double edge sword

I find keeping busy can be a double edge sword.

A lot of people use it as a coping mechanism so that they don’t have to face tough situation at that moment in time.

LinkedIn has been a wonderful outlet for me, to be able to share some of the lessons I’ve learned during my career in my writing and my doodlings.

I am gaming with the ninjas a bit more (it’s still Easter hols).

I’ve also introduced them to the Marvel Cinematic Universe where the line between good and evil seem a bit more clear cut than in real life.

During “normal times” some of these activities can be called Time Bandits.

I understand what can happen when we bottle things up. Tension can build and the pressure will need to be released at some point, when the limit is reached.

That’s why some “self care” activities are necessary for temporary escape, as a means of coping until the ship can get to a slightly more even keel.

If you are in the same place, be kind to your Time Bandits, as they can help you heal.

Otherwise, feel free to pew them to oblivion as they can easily turn you into Master Procrastinator!


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