How do you deal with crazy requirements?

OK, the drawing is tongue in cheek.

When you’re presented with a requirement that… doesn’t quite make sense, you don’t go into passive aggressive mode and spit out a sarcastic number (although a lot of the British people I know would!)

You ask good questions.

What is the problem you’re trying to solve?
How did you come up with this proposal?
How do you think this will solve the problem?
Is there a more elegant way to approach this problem?
Is there a different perspective of this problem you haven’t thought of?
What is a more creative solution that will address the root of the problem and not its symptoms?

If you’re an SMB #salesforcepartner and you want to become a consulting powerhouse, and you are looking to develop your internal junior talent into high performing consultants, you might want to enrol them in my Consulting Masterclasses.

I cover the critical skills of requirements gathering, running effective workshops, key listening skills and insightful questioning techniques.

These will help them run and close projects successfully. All while having fun.

Next public course begins on 3rd May.

Ready to fly?

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