I had been crying and I hadn’t slept much.

I had been crying and I hadn’t slept much.

I didn’t want to do it but yesterday, I was leading the training for our newest batch of listening volunteers joining Samaritans.
I wasn’t at my best but I couldn’t let them down.

Last week was rough.
I attended my aunt’s wake, joining my parents and relatives paying respect on zoom from this side of the planet.

My family here didn’t know my aunt well, so it was business as usual keeping the kids busy during Easter break.
But when I was alone with my thoughts at bedtime…

Anyway, before the new trainees logged in, my fellow trainer noticed my puffy eyes and asked how I was. She said I looked tired and asked how I was sleeping. That broke me and I told them the news.

Immediately, they closed ranks and helped support me for the rest of the training, stepping in during my delivery when I faltered.
After the skills practice and role plays were completed in the afternoon, both checked in with me individually.

I am so deeply grateful for the beautiful people around me and the support I am getting at this time.

And so I am reminded daily, that the deep connections we have with each other is the only thing that defines us as human beings.

Make that connection.
We are all part of the same fabric called Life. 🌷


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