Preparation is imperative in any meeting or workshop that a …

Preparation is imperative in any meeting or workshop that a consultant organises.

This includes preparing and briefing participants, so that they might read the brief, or prepare/bring along artefacts that are necessary for any discussion.

As a Consultant, we need to make sure that we do everything we can to optimise the time when we are in front of the client – requirements workshop, for a show & tell, a solution playback, whatever.

There should never be any surprises (unless it’s a pleasant one!) during client meetings.

If a sticky situation might cause conflict during the meeting/workshop, consider having a call with the individual beforehand so that you can brief them and prepare them.

Any flying fur should be dealt with at that time, instead of in front of a wider group of audience.

Use tact and diplomacy to de-escalate the situation, and perhaps bring them around to your side before the main meeting/workshop.

Prepare, prepare, prepare.
Don’t get caught with your pants down.

Take command of the agenda.
Anticipate questions.
Prepare answers/options.

As Consultants, we must always do our homework.
The ‘pants-down’ look is not a good one.
For anyone.


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