Selecting a methodology is like swiping on Tinder.

For a Consulting Partner, selecting a methodology is like swiping on Tinder.

If you don’t know what makes for a great relationship, then … trouble.

Being a software company or an end-user project team for internal customers is like being in a monogamous relationship.

You know what works. You know the routines and protocols. Agile, Xtreme, TDD, RAD, or Spiral. Vanilla, kinky, safe, or adventurous.

If everyone is on the same page, things work. Birds sing, the sun shines.

A Consulting Partner is like a serial-relationship-person.

Just like going into relationships, entering a new engagement with a client should be done with the objective of knowing how best to navigate the journey by understanding each other as best as you can.

Don’t Agile a conventional Waterfall company.

Don’t suggest a casual relationship to someone who has a tight deadline for marriage, kids and dog.

You don’t want to get here:
“When is this baby coming? I want to have a baby by this Easter!”*

“Umm, let’s take it slow. You haven’t decided what kind of house you want, or even how many times you want sex.”

It sure is a recipe for tears 😕

*note that this is non gender-specific imaginary statement from the client/romantic partner


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