Sequence matters

Sequence matters.

The bad dad joke below works because of the sequence.

Swap the lines and the joke doesn’t make sense.

Understanding dependencies and sequence of events so that we can schedule a project well is the essence of good #ProjectManagement.

It’s Saturday evening and I’m idly doodling to wind down, and I recall hearing the joke on an episode of Akimbo podcast by Seth Godin.

Anyone who thinks that estimating project time line and cost is easy because you just divide the estimated man hours/days by the number of resources and voila!
You’ve got a perfect project timeline.

🙅🏻Not so easy mate.

You have sequences and dependencies.
Risks and buffers.
Designing, collaborating, analysing, documenting, testing, and deploying.
Meetings to confirm.
Calls to discuss.
Decisions to be made.

There are lots and lots nuances to estimating and scheduling a project.

Sequence and dependencies are just two of the many many things that matter.

Perhaps whether the bad dad joke below works depends on the audience sense of humour.

Luckily my family has shed loads of bad humour. 😁😂

Share some of your bad dad jokes below!