Some of us draw mind maps

Some of us draw mind maps. 🕸
Some draw elaborate flowers 🌼 and patterns.
Some do origami and make little paper swans or wishing stars.
I doodle and draw grids and shade them.

It’s that absent minded thing we do with our hands when we are on the phones with our callers.

When I came into my branch earlier this evening, I found teeny little paper boxes, obviously made by a volunteer during an earlier shift.

Well, it’s been a slightly rough shift tonight.

So many are fighting demons and battles that feel utterly insurmountable.

There are those who have various coping mechanisms to deal with Life, although many realise that these mechanisms can be quite self-destructive.

Our callers call #Samaritans because they need someone to talk to.

Especially when things are going crazy in their life, and when they find things incredibly overwhelming.

If this is you, and you live in the UK – please call us freephone 116 123.
Or you can email
Our pilot webchat service is available during evening hours in the UK if you find messaging an easier way to communicate.

There are many ways to reach us, and there will be someone here 247.

You don’t have to be alone. 🌹