Something that make my heart skip a beat when I get an email…

Something that make my heart skip a beat when I get an email:
Well written subject line!

I get a lot of emails from many clients, about many topics, and I am forever tidying up other people’s email subject lines so that it reflects on the content of the email.

Some bad titles:
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Change Order
Re: Re: Your Thoughts??
Integration question
Re: Re: How do we prioritise this

Some good titles:
[Client x] Bulk import update 5/5
[Client y] Change Order Approved
[Client x] Integration issue, next steps
[Client z] Urgent: Go/No-Go blocker issue

I have zero fear of changing a subject line if the email conversation meanders from the original topic:
[Client ABC] January Timesheet report for offshore team, was Re: Re: Re: Invoice
[Client DEF] Go-Live blocker, was Re: Re: Re: [Client DEF] Project Status Update 1/5

For internal facing emails, I’d put topic in [square brackets] so I can quickly search, sort and file easily.

When you’re working in a small to medium sized consulting partner, chances are that you will work with many clients at a time, along with vendors or partners, and this little tip helps me from drowning in my emails.

You may have internal team that also works with many clients, and so you’ll get loads of emails from them too – and it can get quite confusing when discussing their issues.

I feel like a neat, tight, email subject line is like a nicely manicured toenail.

Minimalist, tidy, and looks great in sandals (the toenails, not the email).


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