Two key competencies that make a Good QA are:n1. Attention …

Two key competencies that make a Good QA are:
1. Attention to detail, and
2. Being a Perfectionist

The next two competencies that make an Outstanding QA are:
3. Systems Thinking, and
4. Emotional Intelligence.

A Good QA will zero all the issues, and point out all the ways the software should behave, and is generally dissatisfied until things are perfect.

An Outstanding QA will understand the context of what the client is trying to achieve, and problem we are trying to solve. All this, working with various personas and personalities, against the background of business, technology and political landscape.

You can tell the difference between working with the Good and the Outstanding.

It’s the nuanced understanding of why something has happened, where and how the break occured upstream.

It’s the Big Thinking that happens, perceptively picking out the strands of how seemingly disconnected things breadcrumbed its way to the current situation.

It’s the insightful understanding of human motivation and behaviour, that allows them to connect with people, balance the ideal and the practical, smooth egos, and de-escalate tension in order to achieve a result that is held to standard.

The calibre of such a highly skilled individual cannot be overstated.

If you ever find yourself interviewing someone like this, hire them now.
Offer them a moon on a stick!
Or an unlimited supply of camembert!
Or subscription to the top 5 MMORPG games like World of Warcraft!
(That would _so_ rock my boat!)

Hire them.
And get out of their way.🏃🏻‍♀️

They are worth their weight in gold.
What a great excuse to scoff that ice cream! 🍨🍦


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