Tactfully Challenging Requests

One of the critical job of a #Salesforce or Microsoft Consultant or a #awesomeadmins is to tactfully challenge requests.

So many business applications can be customised to have fields and tables with relationships to depict specific business process.

These products are so flexible that they may give the illusion to the users that “Anything is possible.”

However, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

A really good consultant will ask
– What’s the reason for collecting that data
– Who’s going to be responsible for its quality
– Does it need to be dynamic or calculated
– Can the business request be fulfilled with a report
… Etc etc.

My Consulting Masterclass includes modules on active listening and asking insightful questions, which helps to ensure that the requirements collected will solve the true business problem.

And by the way, storing a field called “Age” is not the worst thing I have seen.

Have you any ridiculous examples to share?


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