The life of a Project Manager can be incredibly exciting

The life of a Project Manager can be incredibly exciting!

You’ll get fantastic projects
– new technology
– super fun clients
– great team mates
that will just make you jump out of bed every day, chomping at the bit to get stuck into work.

Sometimes, you’ll get the ‘character-building’ ones
– which may be mis-sold (over-promised & under-estimated)
– which could require conflict management skills with clients who have internal struggles
– where you are assigned to a team that Just. Can’t. Find. Their. Groove.


As the Project Manager, I know that I can impact the team’s morale directly.

And so I coach leadership and emotional intelligence into their way of working, their way of being.
It’s a mindset and an attitude.

In order to ensure that we get the most out of the project and ourselves, we will need to be playful and resourceful.

That way, we will ride the project roller coaster, knowing that it won’t always be smooth, but we can damn well make sure it’s a great experience!

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