The one Super Power that is key in navigating relationships …

The one Super Power that is key in navigating relationships and communicating effectively?

Social awareness.

It’s the ability to tune into the energy and mood of the individual, the group, the room, and modulate your behaviour accordingly.

There are some people who are naturally good at this, but I believe it’s a skill that can be learned.

We need to understand that every single one of us is absolutely, totally unique – in terms of family dynamics, school environment, culture, race, socio-economic and other demographic factors.

That means that it is not possible to have identical ways of perceiving things.

To assume that someone else thinks the way you do, just because you grew up in the same town and watched the same programme – leads to making assumptions.

If we start with believing that we know nothing, and not have any pre-conceived ideas/assumptions – then we need to really pay attention and be socially aware of the people around us.

Is the mood excited? Energetic? Charged? Tense?

As a Consultant, being able to read the room allows us to be a lot more effective when handling client facing interactions.

If we go in with a whole lot of assumptions, we may end up with egg on our face if those turn out to be wrong.

While I like egg very much, it doesn’t really go well with my make up. 😬


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