The opportunity to #payitforward

The pandemic last year gave me the opportunity to train #salesforce admins and new talent into the art of consultancy, specifically the Business Analysis part of the job role.

The challenge has been trying to help them find roles.

Salesforce has invested and committed to creating a whole bunch of direct and indirect jobs in the market, and we’ve seen a really hot job market within the last few months.

And yet, there are VERY FEW who would provide opportunities to those without experience.

I trained a cabin crew who had been in the aviation industry for over 20 years.
Another who was in the public sector for 34 years.
They (and many others) went on trailhead, self learned the product, and have been introduced to the world of software implementation with my Masterclasses.

And yet, jobs for them are hard to come by.
It can be so demoralising.

My next masterclasses will be open in May, and I’ve still got a few spaces to help those #opentowork.

If you’re a #salesforcepartner and you want to grow and build your own talent into a high performing team, the range of courses in my masterclasses will be what you’re looking for.

If you’re hiring salesforce talent, then consider adding new talent to your team.

They might surprise you.
All they want is a chance.


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