The other reason why Agile approach are not suitable for Con…

The other reason why Agile approach are not suitable for Consulting Projects is because most companies underestimate the amount of resources required to keep up with the Partner.

Agile has the concept of a ‘Product Owner’ – a business representative on the client side wholly dedicated to the project, to make decisions on design, review, and approve User Stories that goes into a sprint.

This is not an insignificant amount of work, but one which is frequently overlooked by the client, and foists it on someone who is still expected to do their day jobs.

I’ve seen many projects lag because user stories have not been approved in time for the sprint, which in turn has a cascading effect and impacting timeline and cost.

When you are paying a daiy rate for a Consulting team, they will need to a _velocity_ that they need to adhere to in order to deliver things within the sprint.

I hate wasting time, or being party to activities that waste time.
This is because I know how much we cost to the customer.

Unfortunately, for those who have jumped on the “Agile” bandwagon without truly understanding what’s necessary, the result is frequently higher cost at the end.

Again – I am really open to learning how I might be wrong.
Tell me how you’ve run a highly complex project with multiple stakeholders and integration with disaprate systems, with an Agile methodology.

Take the time to understand what you’re signing up to.
Otherwise, it will just leave a bad after taste.
Just like a blind date gone wrong. 😭


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