There is a fine balance between stretching yourself so you c…

There is a fine balance between stretching yourself so you can grow, and taking on so much that you become over-stressed.

In order to take on challenges, and keep up with pace of the incredibly absorbing consulting work, I’ve learned the following basic rules.

Don’t skimp on:
– good nutrition
– quality sleep, and
– daily exercise.

Whenever I ‘fall off the wagon’, I invariably find myself getting anxious, stressing about stuff outside my control, and generally having an all-round crappy day.

I focused a lot of my energy on learning new things.
My long drives to client sites around England allowed me to listen to audio lectures.
I spent my evening and weekends finding ways of improving written and verbal communication, learning how to be a better person, and how to excel in my chosen craft.

On top of the foundation of a living well above, I also learned:
1. How to be clear about my boundaries, without being a jerk about it
2. About the the things that relaxes and recharges my batteries. Before “the kids”, it was gaming – in particular, World of Warcraft.

In my case, online gaming with MMORPGs at that time allowed me to really recharge.
Also, raiding with my guild allowed me to think about teamwork in a gamified way, and explore how to work with the dynamics of different personalities to beat the Big Boss.

So – focus on growth, but pay attention to the basics.
Learn who you are, and what makes you tick, or rocks your world.

Do that by being curious.
Learn, make mistakes, get up, and do things better.
Because staying still is never the better option.


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