The pie of Problem Definition

I find myself slightly disagreeing with Albert Einstein, and Jay Harrington, although I broadly agree with the concept.

I think most people and organisations fall into the (A) category.

One should definitely spend more time defining the problem before shooting off and trying to solve it – or you may find yourself ‘fixing’ the wrong problem.

That’s what I see when we go into companies looking to implement a #Salesforce or a #MicrosoftDynamics solution, and I find myself shaking my head.

What were they thinking? Do they really think this approach will solve their problem?

I can see how it can be easy to fixate on trying to solutionise, but it is just as easy to lose sight of the big picture.

Are we serving our clients if we don’t ask the hard questions to help define, or even RE-define the problem?

(B) is my preferred mode of operation. Spend longer on the problem definition, and you will find that the solution design will be a much better fit.

Of course, as usual my default mode seem to always be (C) 😁🍩😋


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