The results that you see in life is dependent on:n1. Luck -…

The results that you see in life is dependent on:
1. Luck – the randomness of life, and the only thing that you don’t have much agency over.
2. Strategy – business-speak for mindset and attitude.
3. Habits – the consistent action you take that defines the pattern of your life.
– James Clear, “Atomic Habits”

(2) and (3) are really entirely within your control.
If you can master them, you can influence the luck that you attract.

When you see a successful person, what do you see?

You see Kobe’s success in courts, but you don’t see his daily 0400-1100 gym and 800 successful shots workout.

“Ah – these people were born lucky.”
This might be true for some people- celebrities, those with ‘old’ money and connections, those with solid family values and a strong compass that helps lead them to make the right choices in life.

However, a lot of people don’t see the strategy, mindset, attitude and the hours and hours of hard work that goes into making something successful.

That’s because it makes it easy to explain away their own failures.

Well, that’s my belief, and that’s how I choose to approach life.

A person’s histories like trauma, abuse, neglect – can impact their outlook on life, but cannot really explain how two children coming from the same home and environment can lead such polar opposite lives in adulthood.

“Miss Fit”, who is genetically pre-disposed to a lean body mass, and who naturally loves working out and dislikes sugar, will find it much easier to be healthy than those who do not have those traits.

I have stubborn flabby bits that has been a result of carrying my ninjas to term (including the twins!), and a love of food (of course – I am Malaysian, what!)

It just means that if I want to be fit and healthy, I have to work even harder than “Miss Fit”.

I can whinge about it, or just accept that she’s got more (1) than me, but that I can probably whip her fit tush with (2) and (3). Ish.
Right. Better knock out some squats.


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