The two things you need to get right if you are looking to i…

The two things you need to get right if you are looking to implement a CRM system. Make sure that :
1. You have (or hire) an internal CRM champion, and
2. You pick the right partner for you

(1) Does that champion need CRM product knowledge like Salesforce or MS Dynamics CE 365?
Only if you’re already using that product, otherwise they will lean towards the system they know – whether or not it would be the best fit for your company.

In my opinion, hiring someone with sound CRM Business Analyst skills and experience (regardless of the technology leanings) would increase the success rate of your project immeasurably.

I know many Salesforce certified professionals who might now how and when to build a junction object, or set up sharing rules, but who have no idea what type of questions to ask a business in order to understand how they operate so that they can design and build

A skilled BA can ask the right questions, analyse business operations, and help to design a system which will make use of the platform to work for them.

The amazing elearning platform Trailhead has revolutionised software training and opened up horizons, allowing anyone and everyone to become a certified Salesforce person, just by doing the trailmixes.

This means that we are awash with many certified people who know a lot about the software, but not too much about how and when to make use of specific functionalities.

Just because you know how to audit fields, doesn’t mean you should do it for everything. There will be a trade off to be had for performance.

Seriously, I think a highly skilled client-side BA, working alongside a Consulting Partner who have the expertise and know-how, would be more valuable than hiring a certified CRM admin to implement your new project.

Of course, you will still need someone with product knowledget to manage your system after go-live, but at the start – this would be the minimum.

I’ll answer (2) tomorrow.


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