There are quite a few people I know (myself included) who wo…

There are quite a few people I know (myself included) who would welcome self-isolation and social distancing.

In addition to limiting exposure to others (I have been commuting on the London Underground, so am sure I’ve picked up a multitude of germs and viruses despite my best effort to sanitize myself!), I am viewing it as an opportunity for some quality family time.

It feels that we have been given permission to not rush, to not have to go out, or be somewhere, to do things, to be busy, to have activities during the waking hours in order to justify our existence.

It feels like we have been given permission to just be. Be here. In the now. With ourselves. And if we are really lucky, we have our family unit to be with.

I feel incredibly fortunate that I adore time with my family, and I love spending tme with myself. Board games, silly games, talking, reading, movie afternoons, wrestling, handi-crafting, painting, making, cleaning, baking.

I appreciate how lucky I am.

There are those who depend on external interaction to distract them from the isolation and loneliness, whether self-imposed or not.

There are those whose lives have been shaped by trauma, tragedy, misfortune or just plain bad luck, who do not have a close circle of people they can lean on for support.

If you have neighbours like this, please spare a thought for them. I saw on twitter that someone left a postcard with their name and number for vulnerable neighbours so that they might call for a chat, or to ask for favour.

This… this global pandemic, is happening to all of us. While the young, the healthy, the fit, may survive this to see another banking crisis, political scandal, climate change, there will be many who will not.

Read, and listen to the experts. Social distancing and self isolation will not halt it, but will slow the spread, and ‘flatten the curve’ which will delay the impact on our health system.

Keep informed, and be compassionate to others around you.

This virus has brought to fore, very sharply, how interconnected we are.

We are in this boat together.


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