Why would businesses not want to support remote working when…

Why would businesses not want to support remote working when:
1. it’s cheaper than paying for offices and related overhead
2. Employees can get more done without the hassle of commuting
… and other reasons (but the above are the main two).

One key reason is a firm belief in the benefits and speed of business execution when team members are co-located.

This is the basis for agile and scrum methodology in software development. Minimal documentation, daily stand-ups and physical proximity during the working hours.

I agree. Where possible, I will always try to have face to face meetings. There’s always a rich context in human communication that is only tangible in physical closeness. Maybe it’s pheromones?

Remote working works, if the culture is based on trust and integrity.

I trust you to do the work that you’ve been hired to do.
I trust you to do what you say you are going to do.
I trust you to tell me if you encounter issues, and not let me find out too late when it becomes omre challenging to manage.

You can trust me not to micro manage you to make sure you are doing things the right way. My way.
You can trust me to measure you by the quality of your output, and not how you do it.

I’ve spoken to a few people who are distrustful, and angry at employees who have called in ‘sick’. They are distrusted, and intentions are viewed with suspicion.

Some believe that employees will be watching daytime tv, and have demanded their calendars to be up to date, with random skype calls to ensure that they are ‘online’ and available at all times.

This is like being with an untrusting partner.

When you can’t see them, you assume they are cheating on you, or having that last cheesecake when your back is turned.

That’s not how to run a business. Or maintain a relationship.

This pandemic will expose the business for what they are. If they are built on ego, and the obedience enforced by authority and threats of punishment, the cracks will be surfaced.

Those based on trust and integrity will survive, and thrive – regardless of where and how the work gets done.

I know which camp I’d like to be in.

The one with all the marshmallow and hot chocolates of course!


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