I think that it takes a lot more skills to work in a small c…

I think that it takes a lot more skills to work in a small consulting partner than a bigger one. This is especially true for a BA, or Functional / Implementation consultant.

It’s harder, because you’re expected to manage the customer, their requirements, their temperament, the scope changes, the budget, the delivery, the training, the QA, the deployment. Everything – end-to-end.

It’s a tough gig, and one that requires a lot of skills to do well. Having to manage the client and your company’s expectations helps you to sharpen your communication and diplomacy skills, and will stand you in good stead, regardless of where your career takes you.

It’s the same reason why I have so much respect for anyone who has ever worked in the fast food industry, retail, or even in door-to-door sales (these jobs no longer exist!).

Experiences that is full of challenges and adversity build character and fortitude. I’ve found working with people who have had such a robust work experience incredibly valuable within a team.

They roll up their sleeves and get to work when they see a knotty gnarley problem. The fear of how they would face adversity has been slowly worn down by repeated exposure in their early years.

You can always spot the ones who have had to go it alone.

They have this aura of “Come on then, bring it on!” about them 😁

And I find that incredibly appealing!


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