Working remotely due to the current situation will sure hit …

Working remotely due to the current situation will sure hit the agile projecta, who rely so much on co-located scrum teams to work.

Agile, waterfall, hybrid or anything in between, working with a global team should be ubiquitous nowadays, in the world of software development and consulting.

Technology makes this easy, with video conferencing and collaboration tools.

But how do you make it work well?

I believe that there is so much value in co-located teams.

Tacit information, body language, and human connection based on shared physical proximity and visceral experience of the here and now, these cannot truly be replicated in a virtual manner.

So you try harder.

Turn on your webcam when you have a “call” – on MS Teams, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, Blue Jeans… Whatever you use.

Transmit body language through your gestures and expression.

That demands that you create a very safe environment for the team to be silly and step out of their stiff business role.

Use humour more, but make sure that your communication and intention can carry across the language and distance.

Where once, interpersonal relationships can happen seamlessly in a shared office environment, it now makes it more important to make that connection an intentional one.

Pay more attention to the nuances in emotional language within an email, an instant message, a video chat, otherwise you may miss something deeply important.

This is the New Way of Working.

Keep trying, I know it can’t be easy for some people.

But I promise, it’s worth it.


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