There’s a difference between working in a larger consultancy…

There’s a difference between working in a larger consultancy and a smaller one.

In one, you’re probably dedicated to a project for a good chunk of time. In the other, you will probably have to split your time between several projects.

Both have its pros and cons.

Having started in smaller partners, I’ve had to learn to switch tasks quickly. Actually I think that’s a necessary part of being a Project Manager anyway.

But I’ve had to manage up to 7 projects at one time, of various sizes which really pushed my capabilities, especially if there are multiple fires to fight at the same time.

Luckily as I grew in my confidence and competence, there were fewer fires as I got better at managing relationships and project risks.

Having to work on multiple projects and clients and teams honed my ability to context switch very quickly. It feels like a super power… One that allows me to herd cats and direct them to a place of calm.

Being part of a big team for a big project has benefits too. You have the chance to really get your teeth into the project, which allows you to get into flow states more often.

There’s something really magical about being in the state of flow. Time disappears, and things become effortless. Work ceases to be work. That’s how you step up in the pursuit of Mastery of your Craft.

I love being in flow. And I look for opportunities to get into it.

What rocks your world?

Being the Master Cat Herder?

Or being an Artisan Craftsperson?

I havr outstanding respect for both types of people. There aren’t enough of them in the professional world.


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