The project RAID log is like a family puppy. It’s not somet…

The project RAID log is like a family puppy. It’s not something you let your dad look after, and only take it out when you need it.*

It’s something the whole family should look after.

All projects have risks – some are on the high side, and some are safe and boring (you actually want a project with some excitement, some unknown, using new technology or trying to solve a crazy problem!)

But I tell my team that as a Project Manager, while I am in charge of the RAID (Risk Assumptions Issues and Dependencies) Log and making sure they have been assessed and managed properly, I rely on my team to let me know when there is something that needs my attention.

I know of PMs who hate it when people point out the risks.

It’s like I know some developers who hate it when testers find a bug.

Why? Why do you hate the people or process whose function is to make our boat safer?

If I was a captain of a boat (and I’d be an awesome one too! Arrrrr me matey!) I’d want my guys to tell me when there’s a leak, or if the oar’s broken. Why would I want to whip them and throw them overboard?

I am guessing that the only type of person who feels that way is one who only really looks out for Number One, and do not understand the concept of Team. Family. Tribe. Whatever you want to call it.

For a project to work, be it a cure to a pandemic virus, or to topple a dictator, or to eradicate social ill, there needs to be a concept of Us.

We are in this together, and succeed or fail, it affects each one of us equally.

So – feed that RAID log, I will be one to rejoice at the list, because that means:
1. I can find a way to stop them from happening, but if they do…
2. I have a cunning plan.

And I need my team to help me make sure I don’t have a leaky ship has no leaks, because I really don’t want to be a shark sandwich! 😰

*ok it’s not a great analogy, but hey – sue me!


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