The consulting life is like normal life, just playing at x2 …

The consulting life is like normal life, just playing at x2 speed. Or more. That means a roller coaster of highs and lows with quick bends and unexpected drops that make your heart jump.

I was listening to an A&E consultant a few weeks ago, talking about mental health, and what happens to patients who get admitted into hospitals.

The Royals have brought the issue to light, and along with the media have attempted to de-stigmatize and encourage people to reach out when they are struggling.

It’s absolutely needed. The thing is that our NHS has not been provided the funds or resources to meet with the additional demands.

They are barely able to cope with the day to day medical emergencies as it is, and along with the lack of any support services to help those in the front line to cope with their own mental health, it feels like things are going to get worse.

The consultant talked about the variety of cases he sees. Many sound like the inability to manage day to day stress. Others are more acute, product of deep emotional trauma or are of physiological in nature.

Of the former variety, it would make sense to lean on a support network in the first instance.

That would be friends, family, co-workers, project team members.

The consulting life can be an exciting and stressful one, and can demand a lot from you.

In order to survive and thrive, you will need to really look after yourself, be aware of your potential as well as your boundaries.

We are not an island, and cannot survive alone.

Build your own tribe, your cheerleaders and mentors. People who care deeply about who you are and what you want to achieve.

Those who will help you get up when you fall, and share unvarnished truth of the world so that you have the ability to navigate it safely.

Don’t wait until crisis hits.

There’s a Malaysian saying: Don’t wait till you need to poop before you start looking for a shovel to dig a hole. *

I think that my Dad might have made that up


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