The thing about being a great ‘anything’ is that.. it genera…

The thing about being a great ‘anything’ is that.. it generates very little noise.

Be really sub-par, and you will definitely hear about it.

Be a bad driver, bad teacher, bad system administrator, bad customer support agent, bad anything – and everyone will know about it.

So, what’s the point of being a good anything at all?

Why put in all the effort to master a skill to be competent?

Why bother to toil and bleed and sweat to achieve something?

Unless you’re in the Olympics, or Formula 1 races, or BGT on a world stage and you’re showered with accolades and adoration for being The Best, is there really any point at all?

Sometimes I find it difficult to explain to the kids why it matters, and why personal pride in doing your best is sometimes its own reward. Actions driven by intrinsic motivation is often more sustainable than external ones.

Simon Sinek’s Question – Find your Why, is so relevant in so many facets of life, be it work, personal, relationship, health, friendship, or anything else.

If rewards, benefits, pay package, perks like beer Friday, ping pong, free buffet, and all that do not exist, but if you are doing meaningful work that bring you joy and create value in the life of others, then there is your Why.

That is the point.

Why are you doing it? Why bother?

Because people matter.
Because I can be better than I was yesterday.
Because I want my life to matter.
Because I can make the world a better place.
One coffee.*
One garden.
One smile.
One kind act at a time.

And because Life is worth it.

Find your Why, and you’ll be great at being You.

Is there anything in the world better than a Mocha Soya Cappa Frappa Caficcino Latte around?? ☕


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