There are so many bad projects out there, just bleeding mone…

There are so many bad projects out there, just bleeding money profusely.

I hear of projects that have:
– poorly defined business case
– internal project teams taken from operations, who still have to do their day jobs on top of project tasks
– politics and poor governance
– fractious leadership

Many will spend a lot of money putting in a new system, but will struggle to gain user adoption, and could abandon it for another system when the new
Sales Director takes over the reins (for example).

One of the biggest thing I’ve seen is the lack of understanding of software delivery, especially when you engage a consulting partner.

Agile by itself is not a bad framework, _if_ you understand and embrace its tenets, and put into place provisions for its weaknesses.

For example, it talks of minimal documentation – as it assumes co-located team members: the product owner and developers.
Knowledge is tacit, and within the team.
Any documentation is detailed in comments on user stories in JIRA.

What does that mean after you’ve gone live, and you want to transition to support?
Or when your contractors leave?

If you’re hiring a Consulting Partner to help you with your project, agile won’t really serve you.
I took the course, and have got onto ‘Agile’ projects since moving over to Salesforce from Microsoft.
However, I have yet to be convinced.*

For many reasons, a hybrid model is best in terms of managing the risks and ensuring a quality delivery – both for the partner, and the client.

I’d love to hear your comments, especially if you disagree.
This is something I can talk about for *HOURS* 😁


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