Worklife balance shouldn’t really be the focus of the young.…

Worklife balance shouldn’t really be the focus of the young.

When you’re young and inexperienced – in the new world of limited opportunities (pandemic has caused unemployment numbers to go up), you are going to have to work even harder to stay just stand still.

Everyone out there are going to have outstanding academic records, with all sorts of medals and awards from extra curricular activities.

All these young, bright, and eager minds, going for the very few intern or graduate programmes being offered.

This isn’t the time to clock off on the dot, or to say no to learning a new technology because your day job just about fills your 7.5 hours, or to not be curious about the next company project because you would rather party this weekend than to read up a bit more on that company acquisition.

Worklife balance is really for those who have earned their stripes, and walked through the ‘character-building’ fire of hell and back.

When you’re young – optimize your time for growth and self-development.
Use your awake time to live, to learn, to make mistakes, to grow.

Leave the ‘hanging out’, the netflix-binging, chilling and scrolling activities for later, when you have a skill that is in demand, and you’ve got buffers for to ride out the bumpy journey that is life.

If you’re young, focus on growing.
Especially right now.
There are so many online resources that help you learn a new skill.
Do, build, break.
Use this time to grow.


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