There’s a lot of discussion about whether a contractor would…

There’s a lot of discussion about whether a contractor would be suited to a permanent role in software development, especially with the upcoming IR35 implications.

I believe that you should not stereotype or pigeonhole people like this.

I’ve heard that:
– Contractors are in it for the money, they care only for their day rate and will prolong their contract as long as possible to the detriment of their project.
– Permanent (or ‘permies’) don’t tend to have an urgency, and if they were _really_ good at what they do, they could earn stacks more as contractors. So they must be mediocre.


When job market is good and projects are abound, people gravitate towards roles that align with their desired lifestyle.

I went contracting because I LOVED the fact that I could work for 6 months and then take the rest of the year off to enjoy my twins (before little A joined us).

I would advocate for the correct way of doing things, even if that meant that my contract wouldn’t be renewed because the project will have gone live because it was the Right. Thing. To. Do.

But then I missed having my own team, whom I knew inside out, with whom I could do amazing things with.

So I moved back to being permanent.

And now, for very deliberate and specific reasons of my own – I am freelancing, doing my coaching and consulting on retainers with clients.

Which suits me just fine 😎


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