Who should pay for bug fixes when a client engages a Consult…

Who should pay for bug fixes when a client engages a Consulting Partner to configure and develop a system?

The answer depends on the agreed approach within your contract.

Essentially what you’re asking the Consulting Partner to do is to build you a bespoke system, where finding and fixing defects is part of the process.

If you’ve purchased a software product off the shelf which you can use without any configuring, such as Microsoft Office, or an MMORPG game like World of Warcraft, then the vendor will fix defects at their cost and release updates to address bugs.

That difference isn’t clear to many organisations who can feel quite put out that they have to pay for the vendor to address the defects, especially if the testing phase needs to get extended.

This can happen on a T&M project, if issues are found in complex and risky projects that may requiring additional test/fix cycles.
It can also happen when working/integrating with third party systems.

Just like marriages – go into your partnership with your Consulting Parter with Eyes Wide Open.

That’s the best way to have a romance that lasts. 😘


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