To Specialise or Generalise?

Consultants – should you
– Specialise or generalise?
– Go deep or wide?
– Niche or go every which way?

I faced this many years ago.

I could have become a hotshot Solution Architect and pushed the agenda of Women in Tech a lot harder.

There was this satisfaction I’d get when I’m able to prove that I know a lot more than my male counterparts. 😌

Little Miss Ego was well fed, and it was certainly quite ego boosting to be one of the first certified Microsoft SE and DBA in Malaysia in the mid 1990`s.

However, I also realised that I happened to have an ability to create a high functioning team out of a group of people.

They seemed to do a lot more for me than they did for others, and for some reason, they’d gel a lot better with each other too, and that made me think.

I wanted to be able to influence project success in a more significant way as a leader, and so I decided to move into #ProjectManagement.

There’s something very humbling about staying in the shadows and letting others shine, but that’s what leadership is.

I only step forward to remove obstacles and unblock progress for the team.

It’s given me a sense of satisfaction that feels so much more “whole”, and I know it’s the right decision.

For me.

What has been your experience?


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