Being on the fence

Many wonder why I am not more vocal about strong emotive subjects, such as Brexit (before they confirmed the whole thing), the covid situation around masking and social distancing, and now the vaccine.

I think it’s because I have had the privilege of having conversations with so many people who hold opposing views to me.

The fact that I listen non judgementally, during my shifts with Samaritans, means that I hold a space that is safe for our callers to share all their feelings and thoughts.

Which is frequently raw and unfiltered.

Their fears.
Their pain.
Their crippling anxiety about what matters most to them.

It gives me such a unique insight as to why people do what they do, rational or not.

It isn’t my place to judge others, for I have not walked in their shoes because I can see multiple sides of the story and I know there is rarely one right answer.

Everyone has a right to how they feel.
Those feelings are real to them, and they should never be shamed or belittled for feeling them.

Right or wrong, what we feel is important.

We have to decide what actions we take, after analysing why we feel the way we do.

That is the only way to be accountable for our own feelings and actions.

Life can’t be one big bong party you know. 😜


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