Happy Zero Calorie Chocolate Day!

Today is Easter, also known as chocolate scoffing day.
And I believe that any chocolate consumed today has zero calories 🍫😋

Some beliefs are benign and magical, the fairy dust of childhood – such as Santa, Tooth Fairies and the Easter bunnies.

Some beliefs are more toxic, such as believing that
– you are always right
– your abusive childhood was normal
– you totally deserved being raped

These type of beliefs can shape who you are, and colour everything in your life in a negative way – in terms of how you see yourself and the world and people around you.

Part of growing up is examining our beliefs, trying to find out how they came to be, and whether they still serve us.
If they don’t, then it may be time to get some professional help to help forge new beliefs in order to move forward and create the beautiful life we deserve.

Belief is such a magical thing.

So for today, I choose to believe that chocolates consumed will carry zero calories 😁

Happy Zero Calorie Chocolate day!


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