Being caught up in music

Have you ever been caught up in a piece of music that’s so beautiful that everything disappears?

When the musical notes from the various instruments come together in harmony to create magic in the shifting patterns and synchronised layers of joy?

When the merging of thoughts and emotions creates a state of flow that is absolutely ethereal?

That’s what I feel when I am working on a project with a team that just rocks.

When I am surrounded by people who just knows me, and whom I know.
The deep bonds of trust means that we can face anything head on.

It’s utterly magical.

I loved contracting because
– it pays well
– it’s flexible
– it’s super fun

However, while I could turn any group of people into a team, I missed having a stable team who knew me inside out.

It was my “home”.
And I missed my home.

That’s why I went back to permanent roles.

Being in harmony with my own orchestra creating magic is my high.

I want to help #salesforce partners create the same magic with their own high performing teams, and that is why I have designed my Consulting Masterclasses to do just that.

What are the things that just brings out the magic for you?


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