When you’re too busy being/looking busy

When you’re too busy being/looking busy, there’s a problem.

Why are you doing what you’re doing?
What’s the outcome you desire?
Does it align with your values?

This slots neatly into James Allen‘s series on the 3Ps – Passion, Purpose and Porcupine.

Passion is like love for donuts. If what you’re doing will result in more 🍩, you are on the right track.

Purpose is to the big ole Why.
The answer is always Donuts.

Porcupine keeps you on the right track. If you veer off towards trivial distractions like Twitter or Facebook, you deserve a quill in your gluteus maximus.

If none of the 3P’s align, then I call BS on your busy-ness.

Those of us who have mastered our craft looks genuinely busy, like we are working on a critical project with monumental significance for the human race.

If you need me, you can drop me a DM and my PA will attend. After she finishes detailing my itinerary for my upcoming visit to Buckingham Palace to see Will and Kate.

Excuse me now while I go and floss my teeth.
I’m just so busy.


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