“Which is better – a contract role or a permanent one?”

“Which is better – a contract role or a permanent one?”
The lawyer-y answer would be: It depends.

There are a lot of similarities between the two when you are talking about working in consulting with an enterprise software implementation such as #Salesforce or #MicrosoftDynamicsCRM.

I turned to contracting when the twins arrived, as I found out that I really really loved spending time with them.
Luckily by then, I had a lot of experience and many many projects under my belt – which allowed me to dip my toe into contracting.

Getting work was easy, and came primarily from my network of contacts; there was more than enough demand for an over-spill Project Manager.

I loved contracting because it allowed me to take big chunks of time off to be with the kids. I had so many glorious summers with them; something I could never replace.

It paid well, funding my breaks from work to play with my family.

I also found it easy to turn a group of people into solid teams, so it was never a problem working with new people.

It was perfect for me. So why did I go back to being a “permie”?
I’ve run out of the 1300 char post limit, so you will have to wait for tomorrow for the answer.

And the answer has something to do with music.


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