Venn Me

I think there are a few things I’ve always done, that points to the kind of career that I’d end up with.

Here are some of them:
– Obsessing over my handwriting and document formats
– Being a completer finisher in things that ‘matter’ (like jigsaw puzzles)
– organising people and events (like birthday parties)
– playing computer games and learning about teamwork to kill the Bad Boss! (though I’m currently ‘sober’ – waiting for the lil ninjas to hit 18 so we can properly MMORPG together!)

Looking back, it seemed inevitable that I’d end up here, but it was as clear as mud when I was going through it all!

If I could turn back time and talk to a younger me (skinnier and more stylish… 🤭 ahahaha who am I kidding!), I’d say the following:

🍩 Don’t be afraid of trying new things
🍩 Make lots of mistakes
🍩 Get up again when you fall down
🍩 Pay attention to what energises you
🍩 Listen to your body, and listen to your gut (unless when it’s trying to talk you out of that last donut!)

For all I know, I could have ended up as a librarian (I am still a voracious reader!)

What things do you do now that you used to do, that would have given a clue to what you’ve ended up doing?

Now that’s a mouthful!