We were asked to audit a system that had been built by anoth…

We were asked to audit a system that had been built by another company years ago.

It was a MONSTER.
Triggers, code, workflows that fired other workflows.
Things that happened mysteriously.

No one really knew the ins and outs of the system, although two system administrators knew a little bit, but not enough.

It had grown uncontrollably, ‘features’ and requests granted and built without due diligence and care.

After initial review, our honest recommendation was to rebuild from scratch.
No one knew the reasons behind why a design decision was made, and therefore there was no way we could refactor, or ‘fix’ anything without understanding the implication.

We, as humans, are the same.

If we don’t pay attention to everything that we absorb, we will end up with a character who behaves in a certain way – but may not know why.
We won’t understand the reasons why something may trigger a specific emotion and reaction.

There is no real way of fixing this, except to unpick everything – bit by bit, with the help of a specialist.
Or by becoming more self-aware, and questioning everything that we think, see, believe and behave.

We should design ourselves with the same care as we design a new software system.

Otherwise – we’ll end up with a Frankenstein. 😱

Which, for a chicken-heart like me, is more scary than a Boris Johnson covid press conference! 🐤


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