“This is sh*t! We are being treated like kids! How do they e…

“This is sh*t! We are being treated like kids! How do they expect us to perform when they pull stunts like this?!”

Go-Live was not going well at all.
I hadn’t realised that on that very same day, the sales division was undergoing an office plan reorganisation.

What used to be open plan, was now… not.

Partitions had been put up, and every desk became a cubicle.

New operating procedures about ways of working got circulated on email that very morning as well, demanding that every new opportunity would be entered into the CRM system, or there would be consequences.

Unsurprisingly, I heard much later on that there was a new Sales Director in the company, and the CRM system was replaced.

Those are lessons on how not to run an organisational change project.

I’ve seen so many examples.
As Consulting Partners, our job is to do what we are asked.
But are the problems we are asked to solve may not be what’s really needed.

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