Congratulations, you’ve just been appointed the Exec Sponsor…

Congratulations, you’ve just been appointed the Exec Sponsor for the CRM Project.

But, what do you do now?

The 5 key things you need to do to set a CRM Project up for success:

1. Identify the organisational goals and define the metrics of success.
What is it you really want to achieve, and why?
How will you know when you get there?

2. Set business priorities and make decisions
What should the business focus on?
What is the timeplan for the next releases, and the order of rollout?

3. Secure funding for the project and the right resources
What’s the cost estimation for the whole project?
Are you outsourcing any part of the build, and if so – who, and how much?
What are the costs to build up capability in the internal team?
Will you need to hire addiitonal resources or can the right person be sourced internally?

4. Champion the project internally and reduce organisational hurdles
Who are the stakeholders that need to be engaged?
What’s the communication plan to help socialise the

5. Promote user adoption of the new system
What’s the most effective change management strategy?
Are you able to anticipate resistance?
How are you going to excite people and get them to see the benefits the system will bring in the long run?

All the above will need your skills, as a leader, to guide and shape the journey so that the implementation will bring real business benefits.

It’s not all about theshiny sexy technology.
It’s also about the people.

Neglecting the human element of such an initiative is a one-way street to Doomsdale.
Or Failureville.

OK, someone please help me with a more diabolically sounding destination of a Non-Success to make my bad line punchier. 😬


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