Which grabs your attention?nnI’m submitting a few topics t…

Which grabs your attention?

I’m submitting a few topics to London’s Calling’s Call for Presentation/Speakers in March and

What topic would you like me to talk about?

1. Power & Politics – Getting Executive advocacy for your Salesforce Projects.
All projects require executive championship to succeed. This session covers Stakeholder management – looking at some of the key executive roles in an organisation and how their interest/influence might impact your Salesforce projects, and what tactics you can use to move them towards a more supportive position.

2. How being a Samaritans volunteer helped me be a better Project Manager.
With my systems thinking hat on, I find that speaking to people of such different backgrounds, going through difficult times in their lives have given me an appreciation on how an individual’s mental model can affect how they see the world. Learning how to actively listen, without judgement – have also allowed me to create deep relationships with my team. This session covers the lessons learned from Samaritans and how I apply it to Project Management.

3. Lessons from World of Warcraft about teamwork and project delivery
Building a team, skilling them up, and organising raids on Big Bosses aren’t so different from running Salesforce projects! The only difference is that we can’t really choose our factions (Alliance vs Horde), race, class and specialised skills. However, there are many lessons learned that I can translate into the business world and I share them here.

I am not sure if I will be selected but let’s see if the votes will tally up with the final pick (if I get lucky this year!) 🤞🏻😁


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