When I hear about CRM projects that are so badly designed an…

When I hear about CRM projects that are so badly designed and implemented, it makes me want to poke my eyes out. 😣

That’s why I designed CRM Customer Success masterclasses – a set of modules covering the important things an organisation needs to know in order to ensure successful CRM roll-out.

The next course begins in a few weeks, on 26th January.

If you’re #openforwork, you’ve been made #redundant or you’ve been #laidoff because of covid – connect with me to get a no-charge seat on the above training so you can skill up and equip yourself with knowledge.

Each of the 5 modules is an intensive 3 hour session and runs over 5 days.

Why am I doing this?

It’s because it hurts me when I hear some fake news:
“We have Salesforce, and it’s totally crap.”
“Management is forcing us to use this CRM called Microsoft CE, and it’s just awful.”

Product limitation may play a small part in your tale of woe, but I would bet my money on it being very poorly designed and implemented.

The 5 courses cover:
1: Ramping up the CRM Project
– Covering business case, estimating costs and ROI, securing Exec sponsorship and resources, outlining high level scope, and deciding what to outsource

2: People & Politics
– Identifying organisational readiness, change management processes, User Adoption, Data ownership and the politics of System adoption

3: Planning for Success
– Scoping the project, preparing data for migration, analysing business processes in scope

4: Implementing the Project
– Selecting methodology and project approach such as Agile/Hybrid and whether Pilots is necessary, delivery approach for building, testing, deployment and post go-live

5: Implementation Best Practices
– for IT involvement & Engagement, Sales, Marketing and Customer Services

If you are in need of a no-charge space, DM me and #payitforward.
Otherwise sign up for the paid course – link in the comments 👇🏻


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