“You must try this restaurant, it’s got the most delicious p…

“You must try this restaurant, it’s got the most delicious pad thai – they even made me a non-peanut version because of my allergy!”

“My oncologist is the most amazing human being. She’s a wonderful doctor, is empathetic, and she helped me so much through the whole ordeal.”

People are influenced most by those they trust and respect.
So is there any wonder then, that the key success factor of any CRM project is strong executive support and sponsorship?

Here are some key actions thta can have powerful impact:

1. Give something intrinsically valuable – something that saves them time, and make them look good
“With CRM system, the directors will be able to see all the top opportunities and can make time for the high value deals to come along to your sales meetings and provide C-level presence. Think of how many more deals you can close?”

2. Socialise the message that the system will be the one source of truth, and therefore it is important to make it as ubiquitous as using email for business communication.

4. Emphasize the importance of Data Quality: Garbage In, Garbage Out.
Be prepared to invest time and money in getting this right. On an ongoing basis. User adoption will skyrocket when data is trusted.

4. Plan the CRM Roadmap and strategy – show how the system will improve the business, and impact the organisation in the long term.

Executive championship is key to any #CRMCustomerSuccess story.

Bring your people on your journey with you, share your excitement on what it will mean to them and how it will improve their daily lives.

If you do your job right, you won’t have to resort to bribery to increase #UserAdoption.

However, the occassional 🍩 can’t hurt. 😋


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